Realist and naturalist paintings

Realist and naturalist paintings

Realist and naturalist painting developed in 1870 and came to an end in the 1890s.

Realist painting expresses sincerity in art, with a real concern to be as close as possible to the true nature of subjects and everyday life, with work on the expression and structure of the works. It emphasises intelligent art, with no omissions on the part of the artist. This process makes realist painting one of the liveliest trends, representing human beings firmly rooted in reality, in opposition to the romantic imagination. Naturalist painting, which arrived with photography, followed realism, returning to the fundamentals of academism and impressionism. This style places major importance on the motif, nature and the working world, worked like reality. The essence of this art is to show the powerlessness of Man in the face of the force of Nature.


Although the artists known as naturalists or realists sought to depict reality with a certain objectivity, they each retained a very personal style. For example, while Millet depicted the countryside in luminous images tinged with a slight nostalgia, as in "Shepherdess with her flock", Courbet's approach was cruder and darker. His "Homme blessé" (Wounded Man) is a great gift idea for all art lovers.

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