Erotic and nude paintings

Erotic and nude paintings

Erotic and nude painting have represented the ideal of beauty and purity throughout history. Although it was not well received in the Middle Ages, it managed to establish itself throughout the history of art. The nude was often synonymous with scandal, before becoming a must-see. The contemplation of bodies is the image of purity and grace, making these reproductions of paintings the ideal gift. Give a new elegant and refined tone to your interior decoration with these paintings.

Some painters championed the beauty of the body by painting beautiful canvases of eroticism and the nude. Such was the case of Ingres, whose work is filled with women taking a bath. The reproduction of the painting "La Grande Odalisque" is a superb idea for decoration. In a completely different genre, Renoir sublimated the beauty of women in luminous, warm canvases. His work "Torso, effect of light" is a great gift idea for lovers of erotic art.

Paintings depicting scenes of nudity

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