Mythological paintings

Mythological paintings

Mythology painting draws its inspiration from Greek, Roman and Egyptian myths. The characters or scenes depicted are taken from these fables, which are well known to the public. Painters have often staged these legendary stories of gods and goddesses of all kinds to let their emotions shine through. Imposing and rich, mythological paintings are undoubtedly the perfect cultural gift to showcase your home. Dress your walls in myths for a grandiose decoration that reflects your personality.

Some painters, like Gustave Moreau, devoted their work exclusively to mythology. Leaving everyday life behind, he depicted a mythical world, rich in dreamlike visions. For a refined decoration, hang the art reproduction of "Young Thracian Girl Carrying the Head of Orpheus" on your living room walls. In a completely different genre, Boucher, who had a much more carnal take on ancient myths, portrayed pagan goddesses in beautiful canvases such as The Abduction of Europa.

Selection of paintings inspired by ancient mythologies

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